Transfer Credits: Off-Campus Approvals

Consider the following when investigating off-campus study:

  • NOT all Online courses are transferrable
  • A student must earn a minimum grade of C- for the course to transfer back to E-town.
  • Courses graded P/NP DO NOT transfer back to E-town.
  • Students with 60 or more earned credits CANNOT take a course at a Community College
  • Only Credits transfer (Grades do NOT transfer)
  • Courses CANNOT be repeated at another institution
  • The institution must be accredited by one of the regionally accrediting institutions;

Students can transfer courses from accredited institutions that are judged by the Registrar and the appropriate Department (in the case of courses for a major/minor) to be high quality, involve active delivery methods (ongoing exchange of ideas with an instructor) and are consistent with the mission and program goals of Elizabethtown College.

A current student who wishes to transfer credits to Elizabethtown College must obtain permission in advance from the Office of Registration and Records by submitting an off-campus approval form .

Transfer student course evaluations are evaluated on an individual basis.

Catalog Policy

Please review all Academic Policies especially the College's Transfer Credit Policy when considering off-campus study ....  Catalog Policy