Business Management Concentration

Do you like working with people? Our management concentration helps you to understand human behavior in organizations, refine your soft skills and discover your unique leadership style.

As a management student, you will have the chance to apply these skills in mini-consulting projects with local organizations. If you’re searching for a Business Management or an International Business Management program in Pennsylvania, our concentration provides the perfect blend of business administration courses and management skills.

Conduct Consulting Projects with Local Companies!

Business Management Courses

Within our Business Management or International Business Management programs, you’ll take a variety of general business administration courses along with courses in your specialty. As a management student, you would need to take the BA 499 Management Seminar course (required) plus two electives from the following courses:

  • BA 347 – Global Supply Chain
  • BA 365 – Human Resource Management
  • BA 373 – Managing Innovations & Technology
  • BA 430 – Advanced Legal Issues For Managers
  • BA 450 – Entrepreneurship In The Emerging Economies
  • BA 466 – Operations & Production Management
  • PSY 235 – Social Psychology

For more curriculum information, see our complete list of course requirements.

Why Complete Our Business Management Concentration?

Refine Your Interpersonal Skills

Did you know that 80-90% of leadership success can be explained by emotional intelligence? That is why our Business Management program places special emphasis on developing students’ emotional intelligence and soft skills. It is only when you truly understand yourself and your feelings, motivation and goals -- and those of others -- that you can become an effective leader.

Develop Your Own Leadership Style

Through management courses and projects, you will have the opportunity to develop your authentic leadership style. Finding your ‘true north’ will enhance your personal and work satisfaction and ultimately enhance your organization’s effectiveness. You will also learn how embracing diversity makes business sense, how treating employees with compassion and care leads to employee engagement and how leveraging the power of human capital yields competitive advantage.

Looking Ahead: Careers for Business Management Majors

After completing our Business Management program, you’ll be prepared for a variety of careers, including:

  • Human Resources Analyst
  • Operations Analyst
  • Supply Chain Specialist
  • Management Analyst

Are you interested in a career as a Management Analyst, for instance?

  • Help improve the efficiency of an organization.
  • Demand for this career will grow by 14% by 2024.
  • Median salary: $81,330 per year
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

From the Department of Business

Jeffery R. Mullen

Jeffery R. Mullen '09

After graduating magna cum laude from E-town with a Business Administration degree and Management concentration, Jeff Mullen completed a master's degree in Public Policy at the Eagleton Institute of Politics and a juris doctorate, summa cum laude, from Rutgers University School of Law in 2013. He currently is an associate with the Construction Practice Group of Pepper Hamilton LLP in Philadelphia.