eVentsTips and Overview

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Elizabethtown College 's online scheduler, eVents(formerly R25) allows you to request the use of space on campus. All space reservations for meetings and events on campus are made through this system. As an employee or student of Elizabethtown College, you may log in to the system and place a request using a simple online form.

The form prompts you to identify your name, department, student group name, space, and resources. (If you are a non-Elizabethtown College student or employee wishing to schedule space, please call the Special Events and Summer Programs (SESP) office at 717-361-1418.)

Your request will be received by the scheduling staff who reviews it in light of other events at Elizabethtown College. For some requests, special policies or protocols for particular spaces apply.  You will then receive an email notifying you of the results of your request. Please note that submitted requests are not to be considered approved until you receive an email from the Scheduling Office confirming the time and location of your event. New to eVents is the option to publish certain events to the online calendar, in addition to the internal scheduling system; the Office of Marketing and Communications will approve the publishing of the event on all public-facing calendars on

It is your responsibility to coordinate all other needed services with the respective departments such as Dining and Catering Services, Facilities Management, Campus Security and Media Services.

By placing a request, you agree to the terms and conditions surrounding the use of the space. If you have any questions regarding the terms, please review the Reservation Policies and Procedures portion of this document.

The comprehensive calendar of events and meetings allows you to view what is happening at Elizabethtown College and make your plans accordingly.

Helpful Hints

Be flexible. Remember that although a space may appear to be available on R25- it may not be - so try to be flexible.

Have a specific date in mind? Before submitting your request, check the R25 calendar to make sure the location wasn't already reserved.

Location already chosen? Use the appropriate filter to check availability. This will allow you to narrow down the spaces to search and view what dates the desired location may be available.

If a particular location is more important than the actual date, please indicate your alternative dates in the comment section of the request form. For example:

The Gibble Auditorium any Thursday in October for the requested times.

The Musser Auditorium any three days in a row for rehearsals and the final show.

The KAV for a conference any weekday except Tuesday.

The same holds true for a specific date - if the requested date is your only option, please indicate how flexible you can be with location in the comment section. For example:

A classroom for a meeting, I prefer Hoover Center for Business.

A large space for a dinner meeting.

We're desperate for anything!

Setup/Teardown time:  If your event or meeting includes catering or media services, the Scheduling Office will add the appropriate setup/teardown time. Please only include the specific times of your event.

Check the calendar for other events on the same day. This can affect the availability of parking and other resources.

Plan ahead! The sooner your event is scheduled, the more time you will have to secure parking, advertising, logistics, permits, etc.