Communications Beyond the Classroom

We firmly believe that learning does not stop once you leave the classroom, and learning is extended beyond the classroom at every opportunity on and off campus.

Every Communications student must complete at least two of the five Signature Learning Experiences (SLEs) as part of our Core Experience Program. SLEs are an increasingly important component of education for students across the country, but at E-town we work to integrate it into the core curriculum of every student. As a Communications major, you will complete the capstone course and have additional opportunities to complete faculty-supervised research, community-based learning, and study abroad on your own terms.

Internships, Practicums & Field Experience

Hands-on experience in the field is crucial to landing a job after graduation, and internships are a great way for you to gain experience that will help build your future. Not only will this help a you narrow down your interests, but it can also open up doors later. Graduating with guaranteed field experience gives our students an edge over other applicants when it comes to the job hunt.

Our campus is in close proximity to Lancaster, and Harrisburg; two larger media outlets with plenty of internship opportunities for Communications students. But not all of our students choose to stay close to the nest! With dense media areas like Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York City, and Washington, D.C. so close by, our students can find a summer internship in nearly any area of interest including broadcasting and magazines in these large metropolitan cities. You can choose to intern at media outlets and corporations across the country, and even internationally too.

Alumni are vital in the internship and job hunt. E-town, and especially the Department of Communications, has a strong alumni network that provides our students the foot in the door needed to obtain internships and jobs at top companies including Walt Disney World, MTV, UPN, ABC, and The Hershey Bears.

Capstone Course

Supervised Research


Capstone Course

Though the capstone course is required for the Communications major, E-town Communications students have a unique capstone experience even compared to other majors on campus. The capstone provides an integration of course work, knowledge, skills and experiential learning to enable you to demonstrate what you’ve spent four years learning. You’ll gain real-world experience while working with a local community partner to provide a valuable service that will be put to practical use. This capstone project shows our commitment to giving back to the community that goes hand in hand with our motto Educate for Service.

Supervised Research

Research is not just for the science fields! Communications provides ample research opportunities for you to grow and explore sub-fields of study. Between Scholarship, Creative Arts and Research Projects (SCARP) a 3-10 week on campus summer research program, on-campus Think Tanks, and Scholarship and Creative Arts Day (SCAD) every semester, our students find ways to integrate research into their schedules. Whether you spend your time researching the application of communication theories, or developing a research project around student media involvement, there are opportunities everywhere for Communications students to participate in research.



Study Abroad

In an increasingly global world, studying abroad is a must for gaining practical skills and distinguishing yourself at interviews. Only 3% of students in the nation study abroad, compared to around 80% of E-town Communications students that study abroad at some point during their four years.

Our major has the flexibility to allow you to study abroad anywhere, at virtually any time, during your college career. Nearly every country that we have partner programs with has courses in the communications field, so whether you want to explore unique academic areas, or broaden your understanding in communication, there are courses that fit your interests!



Our Communications students study abroad at nearly twice the rate as the rest of E-town students, which are already some of the best-traveled students in the country. 


Community-Based Learning

Annual service days like Into the Streets, or our 4-year mentoring programs with the Milton Hershey School, provide every student on campus with the chance to make a difference. This includes service projects, mentoring programs, and community or skill-based volunteer work. Communications students have the chance to offer their time and media skills to local organizations and leave their mark on our community.