Master Programs

It’s the nature of educators to be lifelong learners. For this reason, the Department of Education at Elizabethtown College has developed two Master of Education programs; one for current certified educators, one for future educators. Through the challenging curriculum, extended teaching experiences, and advanced research requirements, the graduate programs at E-town College are preparing educators for the classrooms of the future, today.

While studying in either of the advanced programs, you’ll received guidance and instruction from a faculty comprised of teacher-scholars active in pursuing their own research, as well as shaping the research of their students. From a curriculum rooted in social justice education and conflict resolution, to using creative tactics like classroom simulation software, our students explore the breadth of educational possibilities while learning practical classroom applications.

Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction in Peace Education

The Department of Education offers a graduate program in education leading to a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Peace Education. This program is designed for candidates who are already certified educators (PK-12), seeking graduate study in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on peace education, including issues of social justice, student rights, conflict resolution, community capacity, culturally responsive methods, and student/teacher advocacy. 

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This degree allows students the advantages of a unique and practical curricular focus in curriculum and instruction, supported by a constructivist course sequence which promotes individualized assessments, application to current classroom practice, and applied research relevant to grade bands across the PK-12 continuum. Finally, the degree promotes the connection of theory into practice. You’ll not only learn advanced curriculum and peace theories, but develop tangible applications that you can implement immediately to form a progressive classroom.

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As of the 2016-2017 academic year, the cost for this 33 credit degree is $610 per credit hour.

Special Education Programs

Teacher candidates at Elizabethtown have the option of gaining certification in special education in two distinct pathways – a four year dual certification program with PK-4 certification or a +1 master’s program.

Dual Certification Program

PK-4 ECE majors may select the dual PK-8 special education certification baccalaureate program. Highlights of this program include intensive methods coursework in the junior and senior year in both general and special education and a “split” student teaching capstone – 8 weeks in general education and 8 weeks in special education.

Master of Special Education (4+1 program)

Students currently enrolled in an undergraduate program with the Department of Education at E-town College are eligible for an accelerated Master’s program in Special Education. Students will complete their baccalaureate degree in a general education certification area in four years. Eligible students may then move to finish the special education requirements, including a research project (Graduate Seminar) and another semester of student teaching. The intensive student teaching supervision of the undergraduate program (weekly supervisory visits) will continue in the graduate program. Courses in the fifth year will be administered using a mixture of traditional, on-line, hybrid, and accelerated formats.

Candidates in the program will be exposed to opportunities for more advanced curricular study, more time and variety in the field (urban, suburban, rural, learning support, emotional support, inclusive, resource, and self-contained classrooms), enhanced quality of practice in the field, two full semesters of student teaching, and research and reflection about pedagogical best practices through seminar coursework.

Teacher candidates are regularly assessed (formative and summative) on Danielson’s Domains (Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Instruction, and Professionalism) during field placements. Input is given from classroom professors, field supervisors, and cooperating teachers across these areas. In fact, student teachers are observed on a weekly basis by their supervisors. Our students graduate with a complex understanding of educational theory, an awareness and adherence to professional ethics, an ongoing commitment to professional development, and the ability to establish and maintain an equitable and purposeful learning environment for learners of all capacities.

To learn more about either of the advanced degrees offered through the Department of Education, schedule a visit to campus!