Things To Consider When Choosing A College

Choosing A College

Choosing a college to attend can be a long and stressful process. So how do you pick the one that's right for you? Check out our top tips!

Surviving College with Special Dietary Requirements

Dietary Requirements

Campus meals are an important part of every student’s college experience. Find out how E-town supports students with special dietary requirements.

Extracurriculars To Build Your Resume

Extra Curriculars

It’s probably the most common piece of advice to incoming students – join a club on campus. There is the obvious benefit of making friends and getting involved in the community. Did you ever think about how participating in an extracurricular activity can also look great on your resume?

Questions To Ask On Accepted Students Day


Congratulations! You’ve applied and been accepted to Elizabethtown College, but you'll likely still have some questions. Here are our tips for getting the information you need on Accepted Students Day!

Why Study Data Science?

Data Science

Relatively new to the computer science world, Data Science is a highly valued area of study. Find out more about one of our newest majors!

Study Abroad: Cross-Cultural Skills

Cross Cultural

Many of our students choose to incorporate a cross-cultural experience into their education while at E-town. Students who return from studying abroad rave about their experiences and the invaluable lessons that they learn outside classroom walls.

Holiday Traditions


Blue Jays love to celebrate. In fact, we love it so much that the regular holidays aren’t enough for us. We need to add our own unique holidays throughout the academic “season.” Take a look!

What STEM major should you consider?


A career in STEM will allow you to solve modern societal problems with creative solutions. But which path should you take? Our quiz can help you begin to narrow down your options!

What To Do With An English Degree


A Bachelor’s degree paired with a liberal arts education leads to endless careers for English majors. Learn more about what you can do with an English major.

Biomedical and Civil Engineering

Biomedical and Civil Engineering

Have you ever looked at a sturdy bridge over a turbulent river and wondered how it was designed to hold up against the current? Or perhaps you read about a new surgical procedure and marveled at the technology behind it? Take a look at our 2 new concentrations in Engineering!

Use Your Profession To Transform Lives

Helping Professions

The leaves are falling, the weather is turning cooler, and soon alumni, faculty, students and families will be gathering on campus. Homecoming weekend is just around the corner, Blue Jays!

A Sneak-Peek At Homecoming 2018!

Homecoming 2017

The leaves are falling, the weather is turning cooler, and soon alumni, faculty, students and families will be gathering on campus. Homecoming weekend is just around the corner, Blue Jays!

Why Study Abroad?

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a great experience for students of all majors. Here are some of our top reasons to seek adventure while in college!

Tackling The Financial Aid Process

Financial Aid

The college financial aid process may be daunting but understanding the stages of the application process, learning the terminology and seeking help from school counselors can help to eliminate any confusion and stress.

Things To Do In Lancaster County

There’s more to Lancaster than just farm fields and horse and buggies. See the events, attractions and entertainment you can enjoy during your free time while at E-town.

Be A Part Of The Blue Jay Family

The time has finally come for your child to spread their wings and join our lively, welcoming campus community.

How To Have A Successful First Week

Your first week on campus can be exciting, scary and busy. Kickstart the academic, personal and social aspects of your college experience by following these tips for success.

10 E-town Traditions You Don’t Want to Miss

Campus traditions are an essential part of E-town's history and community. Take a look at our top ten!

What To Leave At Home Your First Year

Moving into your college room is an exciting and memorable day, but it's easy to overpack. Take a look at our tips for what to leave at home!

What To Do On The Weekends

Elizabethtown and the surrounding community have plenty of activities for you to enjoy when you're not studying. Take a look at some of our favorites!

“And”, Not “Or”: Three Benefits Of A Liberal Arts College

Deciding what college to attend is a difficult decision. Here are a few reasons why a liberal arts college could be the perfect choice for you!

What To Do With A History Degree

A degree in history opens up a wide variety of non-traditional career paths for students. Learn more about what you can do with a history major.

Graduation Day To-Do's

Graduation is a busy time. Here are five things you won't want to forget in the flurry of activity on Commencement weekend!