Housing Policy

Residency Requirements

The College views residential life as an important part of a student‘s personal growth. All full-time undergraduate students are required to live in college-owned residential facilities for the entirety of their undergraduate enrollment at Elizabethtown College, except when they are classified as commuters or are granted permission, in writing, by the Office of Residence Life to live elsewhere. Housing is guaranteed for no more than eight (8) consecutive semesters after matriculation. Current residential students who have taken an approved medical withdrawal or leave of absence will be guaranteed housing upon re-entry within the two semesters following the medical withdraw or leave of absence. If a student is formally classified as residing off campus, he/she is no longer guaranteed College housing. Part-time and graduate students will not be offered housing. The student is expected to be aware of all responsibilities set forth in the Residency Agreement, as well as in all regulations, policies and standards as outlined in the Student Handbook and within each residential facility. The following provisions are part of the Residency Agreement. Exceptions to any part of this Residency Agreement may be made if approved in writing by the Office of Residence Life or Dean of Students.

Residency Agreement

Students entering Elizabethtown College must sign a Residency Agreement to reserve a room in one of the residential facilities. This agreement reserves space for the student and outlines the responsibilities of both the College and the student to safeguard the rights of all residents. The agreement is for room space without regard to designated residential facilities or specific rooms. The Residency Agreement states that students are required to live in College-owned residential facilities during their undergraduate experience at Elizabethtown College.

Students must apply to be released from the Residency Agreement if they wish to commute from a parent‘s home or live in an apartment off campus. The College only releases a certain number of students each year. The student is expected to be aware of all responsibilities in the Residency Agreement, as well as all regulations, policies and standards as outlined in the Student Handbook and within each residential facility. A student may not reserve housing without registering for the following semester or without signing a residency agreement.

Residency agreements are binding throughout a student’s undergraduate enrollment at Elizabethtown College.

Students and their families should not sign any off campus lease agreements prior to being formally released from the College Residency Agreement.

College Residency Agreement for students who entered Fall 2017 and 2018

College Residency Agreement for students who entered Fall 2015 and 2016

Off-Campus Living

If residential facilities are full or there are other extenuating circumstances, some students may apply to live in private off-campus housing. Students must apply to the Office of Residence Life in order to be considered for off-campus status. Preference for off-campus housing is given to senior students and they are released according to established criteria set forth by the Office of Residence Life. Students who live off campus must be in good academic and social standing.

Students living off campus are subject to the same rights and responsibilities as all citizens in Elizabethtown Borough. They are subject to civil law as well as College regulations. If students violate public law off campus, they may be subject to arrest and prosecution by civil authorities. Institutional disciplinary action may also result if College regulations are violated.

Commuter Policy

All students fit one of three categories with respect to housing and the College‘s Residence Life operation: resident, commuter, or off-campus resident.

The commuter student at Elizabethtown College is defined as a student who lives at his/her permanent residence with family members, usually with a parent(s) or guardian(s) within a 30-minute distance from the College. The student who has been officially released from her/his residency agreement to reside locally in off-campus housing is not considered a commuter student.

Students who wish to obtain commuter status must submit to the Office of Residence Life an application as well as a notarized letter from the family member with whom they plan to live. The letter must include the address and telephone number of the student‘s intended residence. The College may further verify the student‘s intentions. Misrepresentation of one‘s commuter status is considered a violation of the College‘s Residency Agreement, as well as the Student Code of Conduct (i.e., furnishing false information to a College official). When such violations occur, judicial action will be taken and sanctions levied. 

A student‘s housing status, whether commuter, resident, or off-campus resident, is intact until the student takes official action to change it and has that action approved by the College. All requests and inquiries regarding changes in housing status should be directed to the Office of Residence Life.