Schreiber Quadrangle

Better known on campus as the Quads, the Schreiber Quadrangle was built in 1992.This complex of townhomes is home to 128 upperclassmen. The townhouses are designed in a U-shape with a large courtyard and commons building to allow for students to gather. Several charcoal grills and picnic table are located in the courtyard.

Each furnished townhouse has two bedrooms, kitchen, common area and a restroom. The building is air-conditioned through a central HVAC system. Laundry and vending are located in the commons building. The entire complex is equipped with wireless Internet access for students.

Area Coordinator

Dominick DiLoreto

2017-18 Resident Assistants

  • Brad Vasilik
  • Nina Cicero

Floor Plans

Schreiber Quadrangle