Professional Preparation in Business LLC


The Business LLC is a dynamic community housing most of the first year students who intend to pursue a major in the Business Department.   Additional opportunities to learn about leadership, internships, networking, finances, and other topics are provided by the faculty to students living in this LLC.  A wide variety of activities, such as attending a football game and a spring picnic are also provided.

Students wishing to live in this LLC must be registered for certain Business courses.  Students will take several of the same courses over their two semesters in the LLC, which allows them to extend classroom learning and collaboration into the residence hall.  Tutoring is also provided in the residence hall for some of these common classes. 

This LLC is limited to first year students so that they are able to form a meaningful connection with other students withing their Business cohort. Students typically leave the LLC at the end of the year having found a real sense of belonging and community on campus an among their Business peers. 

Residence Hall: Founders Hall C


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sylvester Williams, Associate Professor of Business Law