Living-Learning Communities

What is a Living-Learning Community?

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) intentionally combine the curricular, co-curricular, and residential components of college life. Each LLC focuses on academics and activities related to a specific course, program of study, or theme. 

What are the benefits of living in a LLC?

Research suggests that LLCs have a positive impact on academic performance, intellectual development, sense of belonging, student thriving, civic engagement, and the transition of first-year students into college life. Students living in LLCs at Elizabethtown College are able to interact with their faculty members in the residence halls, typically have greater access to tutors and study groups, and are provided with additional activities and programs. Many students at E-town report feeling a greater sense of belonging in the campus community and ability to be successful in the classroom as a result of living in an LLC. 

Who can live in an LLC?

Many of our LLCs are specifically designed for first year students and so limited to this population. All of our LLCs are currently open to first year students, and many are open to all cohorts.  Some LLCs require that students be part of a specific course or program.  See the list of LLCs below for specific qualifications.  In addition to LLCs, third and fourth year students are able to live in Student Directed Learning Communities (SDLCs).

How do I live in an LLC?

Incoming first year students are able to choose which LLC they would like to be a part of when they complete their Housing Preference survey.  These surveys are completed through JayWeb in the spring semester prior to starting school.  The Office of Admissions will notify you when these forms are available. 

Current students can request to live in an LLC during housing selection in the spring semester. Notifications will be sent to all current students via email from the Office of Residence Life regarding LLC and Housing selection. 

2017-2018 LLCs

Liberal Arts : The Liberal Arts Residence (LAR) LLC is for students interested in seeing how the Liberal Arts connect to all majors.  This is a perfect community for those who are undecided or for those wishing to enhance their selected program of study with an additional focus on the Liberal Arts. Students living in this LLC participate in a common read in the fall semester, and in several group discussions with faculty members. LAR is housed in Myer Hall and is open to first and second year students.

Honors : Being a part of the Honors program is extended beyond the classroom to the residence hall through the Honors LLC.  Honors faculty are frequently in the residence hall to answer questions, provide additional support, and to plan engaging programming for the LLC residents.   All first year Honors students live in this community, as well as many upperclassmen. The Honors LLC is housed in Schlosser Hall.

Business :  The Business LLC is a dynamic community housing most of the first year students who intend to pursue a major in the Business Department.   Additional opportunities to learn about leadership, internships, networking, finances, and other topics are provided by the faculty to students living in this LLC.  A wide variety of activities, such as attending a football game and a spring picnic are also provided. This LLC is only open to first year students and is housed in Founders Hall. 

PIE Slices :  Students who intend to major in Engineering or Physics are invited to live in a “slice”, or group of 8-16 students within a larger residential community.  Each slice has a peer tutor who meets with the students regularly to assist them with their engineering and physics coursework. PIE Slices are primarily for first year students, but some second year students are able to live here as well.  PIE Slices are in Schlosser and Myer Halls.

Stonewall Hall : This gender-inclusive housing is open to any student who is a member or Ally of the LGBTQ+ community. This LLC provides a safe space to dialogue about issues, questions, and current topics.  LLC members are given additional opportunities to attend conferences and seminars, interact with faculty, and participate in fun activities. The Stonewall Hall LLC is housed in Founders Hall.

SDLCs 1.0: Second Year students are invited to embrace our “Educate for Service” motto and live in a Brinser Suite (ILU) with 3 friends who are also committed to serving the community.  Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to work with 4 local agencies to get a better understanding of community needs and how they can be met.  Participants will complete a minimum of 30 hours of service throughout the academic year (about 1 hour per week).  Additional requirements will include monthly meetings with a Learning Mentor and written reflections. Read the SDLC 1.0 Handbook here.

Substance-Free Housing: Students who live here must commit to abstaining from alcohol while on the floor. Depending on the interest of the residents, additional programming may be offered that focuses on healthy living and alternative social activities. This community primarily houses upper division students, though it is open to first-year students when spaces are available.


How do I join a LLC or Specialty Housing?
It’s easy! If you are an upperclassman, you will receive the chance to join the multi-cohort LLCs each spring. LLC Housing Request forms for upperclassmen are available on the Housing Selection page.

If you are an incoming first-year student, you can select an LLC when you complete your Housing Profile Survey.  Students who have been accepted into the Honors program will be automatically placed in the Honors LLC, but should still select this option when completing their Survey. Students who are registered for the Simple Living FYS will also be automatically housed in the Simple Living LLC. 

Can I select a roommate who is not part of the LLC?
Not usually. All of our course-based LLCs and Honors are limited to students who are enrolled in certain courses. Stonewall Hall also requires that your roommate select to be a part of that LLC. All other themed LLCs allow for non-LLC roommates if there is enough space once all students who have selected to live there have been housed.  These communities fill up quickly, however, so it is best if you and your roommate both select the same LLC!

If you have any questions please contact Kristen Vieldhouse, Assistant Director of Residence Life,