FYS - From Opera to Broadway

For this LLC, students will live together and be enrolled in the First-Year Seminar course, From Opera to Broadway: Lyric Theater in the Twentieth Century and Today. In this seminar students will examine singing on stage in America, beginning with its roots in European opera and operetta, and Operaexploring the history of both American opera and musical theater.  Through this investigation of America on the lyric stage, students will discover how America's unique culture, history, and technology have shaped the arts and reflect its society and values.  This community is open to all first-year students who enroll in this course.  Special events for this LLC will include guest speakers, field trip to a Broadway production or Opera, and other arts related programs.

In 2012-2013 From Opera to Broadway will be housed in Myer Hall.

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Sarah Daughtry, Assistant Professor of Music