SDLCs 2.0

Student Directed Learning Communities

Student Directed Learning Communities (SDLCs) exist to develop engaged student leaders who are committed to a life of creating positive change through community, education, and service.

Benefits of Living in a SDLC


  • Combine your strengths, passions, and academics to meet a community need while living in a supportive community

  • Independent Living in College-Owned Houses (3-5 students per house)

  • Community Partnerships

  • Faculty Engagement

  • Opportunities to Create Positive Change through Service

  • Opportunities for Learning and Personal Growth

How to Apply for 2017-2018

SDLC 2.0 Applications are CLOSED


  • Read the  SDLC 2.0 Handbook for complete information
  • Find 2-4 friends to live & work with

  • Decide on a service project & community partner

  • Select a faculty learning mentor

  • Register for a lottery number (Spring semester)

  • Complete an application as a group 

  • Apply for alternate housing options as a backup



Read the SDLC 2.0 Handbook for more information about program requirements and the application process. 

Good to Know

Admittance into the SDLC 2.0 program is awarded to 44 third- and fourth-year students who are committed to exemplifying the College motto through specific service projects in the local and global community. Admittance into the SDLC 1.0 program is awarded to second-year students.

All SDLCs are independent living units (ILUs). Please visit the Business Office Website for more information regarding housing costs.

All students must have business office accounts paid in full by March 1 to register for a lottery number and participate in the housing selection process. All SDLC applicants MUST register for a lottery number.

SDLCs 1.0

Please read the SDLC 1.0 Handbook for more information BEFORE completing an application.

Second Year students are invited to embrace our “Educate for Service” motto and live in a Brinser Suite (ILU) with 3 friends who are also committed to serving the community.  Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to work with local agencies to get a better understanding of community needs and how they can be met.  Participants will complete a minimum of 32 hours of service throughout the academic year (about 1 hour per week).  Additional requirements will include monthly meetings with a Learning Mentor and written reflections. 


Additional Living Learning Communities are also available for students of any level.

2016-2017 SDLCs 2.0

Cover to Confidence

Theme: Early adolescence literacy and confidence development
Community Partner: Elizabethtown Public Library
Members: Cecilia Hartley, Lauren Van Pelt, Allison Patterson, Kelly Knorr
Learning Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Coyle

Food for Thought

Theme: Eating disorder awareness
Community Partner: National Eating Disorder Awareness
Members: Zoie Martin, Caitlin Mitchell, Kelly Merroth, Victoria Pagano
Learning Mentor: Terri Reichly Dennehy

Inspire to Hire

Theme: Partnering with individuals with disabilities to develop work and social skills
Community Partner: Frugal Finds
Members: Casey Quinto, Brianna Earnshaw, Elizabeth Wedekind, Kelsey Brady, Brenna McNamee
Learning Mentor: Dr. Carroll Tyminski

Jazz House

Theme: Service and mentorship through jazz
Community Partner: PMEA
Members: Andrei Gladkowski, Alexander Gibboney, Ryan Sagedy
Learning Mentor: Dr. Robert Spence

 Juniors Helping Seniors

Theme: Developing activities for senior citizens
Community Partner: Elizabethtown Area Senior Center
Members: Sage Garvey, Madalene Rutherford, Esther Cargill, Kelly Zielinksi
Learning Mentor: Dr. Nancy Carlson Steadman

PromOTing Positivity

Theme: Family services
Community Partner: Children's Playroom of Lancaster
Members: Emma Christman, Karly Deam, Amanda Sabol, Molly Templin, Courtney Wood
Learning Mentor: Chris Achenbach

Random Acts of Kindness

Theme: Spreading kindness
Community Partner: Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
Members: Rose Ousey, Rachel Suter, Holly Gasper, Gillian Engelbrecht
Learning Mentor: Dr. E. Douglas Bomberger

The Simple House

Theme: Simple living
Community Partner: Winters Heritage House Museum
Members: Jessica Schultz, Victoria Metal, Bristol Sauer
Learning Mentor: Dr. Michele Kozimor-King

The Wheel House

Theme: Encouraging sustainable transportation
Community Partner: The Common Wheel
Members: Julie Hess, Jennifer Gallo, Megan Stoermer, Emma Johnson, Katelyn Gebbia
Learning Mentor: Dr. Kurt DeGoede

Two Hands, One Heart

Theme: Hunger and homelessness
Community Partner: Bethesda Mission (Harrisburg)
Members: Danielle Barattini, Laurie Conran, Samantha Freas, Charity Good
Learning Mentor: Sharon Sherick