Themed Housing Communities

(formerly Living Learning Communities)

Elizabethtown College offers several themed housing options in our residential communities. Students who live in themed housing not only benefit from the meaningful learning and sense of belonging that are cultivated in residential communities, but have the added benefit of being able to easily connect with peers who have shared interests, experiences, or academic pursuits.


2018-2019 Themed Housing Community Options

Business:  The Business themed housing community provides a shared residential experience for first-year students who intend to pursue a major in the Business Department. By choosing the Business community, you are stepping into a dynamic residential experience that is welcoming, engaging, and driven. All students who live in this community have access to residential tutoring services and have the opportunity to collaborate on projects, plans, and ideas. The Business Community is located in Founders residence hall. 

Honors: Honors themed housing provides countless opportunities for current Honors Program participants to engage in collaborative study, dynamic conversation, and honors-specific events. First year Honors students are automatically placed in Honors themed housing unless they opt out, and many upper division Honors students return to this community as well. Honors themed housing is located in Schlosser Hall.

Partners in Engineering (PiE): As a member of a PiE slice, you will live on a floor with 8-16 peers with academic goals related to engineering or physics. Living in a PiE slice is a great opportunity to collaborate on projects, assignments, and ideas with other engineering or physics students, and it provides you with access to residential tutoring as needed. PiE Slices are available for first-year and sophomore students in Schlosser residence hall.

Pet-friendly: The pet-friendly housing program began in Fall 2018 after requests from students who wished to bring their animal companion with them to campus. Royer 1st floor has been designated as "Pet-Friendly Housing"  and this area has quickly become a friendly environment for pets, their owners, and pet lovers! More information is available here.

SDLCs 1.0: Second-year students are invited to embrace our “Educate for Service” motto and live in a Brinser Suite (classified as an Independent Living Unit) with 3 friends who are also committed to serving the community through the Student Directed Learning Community 1.0 program. Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to work with 4 local agencies to get a better understanding of community needs and how they can be met.  Participants will complete a minimum of 30 hours of service throughout the academic year (about 1 hour per week). Read the SDLC 1.0 Handbook here.

SDLCs 2.0:  Each year, 40-50 upper-division students commit to meaningful and partnership-driven community engagement through the SDLC 2.0 program. This program aims to amplify the College's mission of providing transformative educational experiences that cultivate personal strengths and develop a passion for lifelong learning and purposeful life work. SDLCs 2.0 participants collaborate with community partners, faculty and staff mentors, and other SDLC teams as they engage in direct service, capacity-building initiatives, community-based research, or advocacy work in the local community through a full academic year. Each SDLC 2.0 team is housed in an on-campus house. More information about SDLCs, including the application process, can be found here

Stonewall Hall: Stonewall is gender-inclusive housing option available for any student who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. By choosing the Stonewall community, you are stepping into a supportive and inclusive residential experience that features opportunities for discussion, leadership, and engagement. The Stonewall themed housing community is located in Founders residence hall and partners closely with the Mosaic House. 

Substance-Free Housing: All students who choose this housing option make a commitment to not use or possess alcohol or other drugs while on the floor, regardless of their age or academic year. By choosing to live in substance-free housing, you are stepping into a community that is welcoming, supportive, and engaged. Depending on the interest of the residents, additional programming may be offered that focuses on healthy living and substance-free social activities. This community primarily houses upper division students, though it is open to first-year students when spaces are available.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join a themed housing community? It’s easy! If you are an upper division student, you will receive the chance to join the multi-cohort communities each spring. Themed Housing Request forms for upper division students are available on the Housing Selection page. If you are an incoming first-year student, you can select a themed community when you complete your Housing Profile Survey over the summer. Students who have been accepted into the Honors program will be automatically placed in the Honors Community, but should still select this option when completing their Survey. 

 Can I select a roommate who is not a part of the community? In all themed communities, both roommates must select that community, select each other as roommates. Additionally, Business, PiE, and Honors are limited to students who are enrolled in certain courses and so your roommate must be enrolled in those courses as well. If there is enough space once all students who have selected to live in a community have been housed, we will then allow students who are not enrolled in a specific course to live there a well.  These communities fill up quickly, however, so it is best if you and your roommate both select and are eligible for the same housing! If you have any questions about housing please contact

 At what point in my academic career can I join a themed housing community?There are themed housing options available for students in each academic cohort, and some are open to students throughout their College experience. Housing in the Honors, Business, and PIE (engineering) themed communities is available specifically for students who are members (or intended members) of those academic programs.