The Grad Report

What is a Grad Report (aka Degree Audit)?

The Grad Report is an exact replica of all Catalog requirements, declared by the student, for graduation based on the students enrollment year. It is a students road map to academic success!  The Grad Report (aka Degree Audit) is an internal advising tool; it is NOT a graduation clearance or a transcript.   Unlike the degree planners, the Grad Report is not static.  It is designed to assist students with academic planning, monitoring academic progress, and a mechanism for staying on track in order to avoid preliminary-graduation surprises. Faculty advisers also have access to the degree audits of their advisees. While the electronic degree audit is usually accurate, at times the complicated nature of a major or other requirement may lead to inaccuracies. In addition, the Grad Report cannot interpret academic policy.  Students are responsible for reporting audit discrepancies to Registration and Records. We are happy to work with students and their advising team to insure the most accurate information is reflected on the students grad report. Transcripts are furnished upon request.

The Grad Report is broken into two sections: the summary section and the detail section. The summary section lists all major, minor departmental programming requirements, the Core Program, Signature Learning Experiences, and overall credit minimums required for degree completion. The detail section lists all course requirements within the programs listed in the summary section.

  • Grad Reports are available to all currently enrolled degree-seeking students at Elizabethtown College.
  • Grad Reports are not available to prospective, visiting, or post-graduate students seeking teacher certification only.

Where can I find my Grad Report?

Every enrolled student at Elizabethtown College is provided a secure campus web account in JayWeb .  This web-portal is a gateway for students to view past and current course work, register for courses, print schedules and unofficial transcripts, view requirements for Core, Signature Learning, major and minor progress, update address and other personal information, and more.

A student can access their Grad Report using their JayWeb account. In the left navigation pane, select the "Advising" followed by "Grad Report". For more information, refer to JayWeb instructions for Students .

Why should I monitor my Grad Report?

The Grad Reports allows students, advisors, and the Office of Registration and Records to monitor:

  • Academic Progress Tracking – View all completed and in-progress courses and how they apply to a student’s declared major, minor, concentration, as well as, the Core Program and Signature Learning Experiences.  The Office of Registration and Records utilizes this tool to provide feedback to the student during their Junior (Junior Review) and Senior (Preliminary Graduation Review) years.
  • Department Exceptions (Substitutions) - If a department has granted you a course waiver or exception/substitution, the Notification of Exception Form MUST be submitted to the Office of Registration and Records. Notification failures could unintentionally delay a students graduation.
  • Preparation and Planning – The grad report should be reviewed during the academic advising meeting required by all students when preparing for Registration each semester. If the student and/or their advisor believes the grad report is not accurately reflecting the successful completion of a course or program requirement, the student and/or the advisor should notify Registration and Records through e-mail ( ) or by using the   Notification of Exception Form .
  • Academic Policy - The Grad Report CANNOT interpret academic policy. Students need to be familiar with all catalog policies governing graduation such as: residency; uniqueness in programming for majors, minors, second majors and minors; minimum GPA requirements; and the minimum overall credits required for degree completion. All policies relating to graduation are outlined in the Academic Policies section of the Online Catalog
  • Graduation – The Grad Report, aka Degree Audit, is an advising tool that allows students, their advising team, and the Registration and Records Office monitor their academic progress towards degree completion. A discrepancy in the degree audit does not change the actual requirements for graduation; in particular, unfulfilled requirements are not waived because of degree audit discrepancies . The responsibility for understanding and meeting degree requirements rests entirely with the student.

Who should I contact with questions about my Grad Report?

Questions should be directed to the department governing the major/minor program.  If they are unable to address the students concerns, all students are invited to contact to the Office of Registration and Records ( ) for assistance.