Alternative Study Options


Through internships Elizabethtown College offers students the opportunity to apply and augment their classroom learning with real-world experience.  Students should always consult with the appropriate Academic Department for more detail on specific departmental internship policies. If the department does not have a specific form, Registration and Records does supply a generic internship contract and it is available for pick-up in our office.  Internship Deadline is ALWAYS the third Friday of each semester.

Special Course Registration Options 

Deadlines are listed on the appropriate forms.

Independent Study

  • Used to register a project that does not exist as a course in the Catalog
  • The student is responsible for proposing the content of the course, but faculty sponsor, department chair, and IS Committee are responsible for ensuring quality of project.
  • Students submit the Independent Study Proposal to the Independent Study Committee. 
  • Student works largely independently, with oversight from faculty supervisor.
  • Requires no additional tuition fee because the student assumes the bulk of the responsibility and there is less oversight from the sponsoring faculty member.
  • Independent Studies are registered as 481-484, depending on the number of credits, with the departmental discipline of the supervising faculty member (e.g., CS 481 is sponsored by a computer Science faculty member and the student is awarded 1 credit). 

Directed Study

  • Used to register a course that is in the Catalog but is not offered when a student needs to take the course.
  • Course already exists in the Catalog, so a separate proposal is not necessary.  However, a Directed Study Application needs to be submitted in order to register for a directed study.
  • Student and supervising faculty member work closely throughout the semester.
  • This registration assumes a moderate amount of faculty supervision.


  • Used when a professor agrees to provide a student with instruction for a course that is not offered in the Catalog.
  • Faculty member is responsible for developing the content of the course.  The student is responsible for the submission of the Tutorial Application form.
  • Faculty member works closely with the student to provide instruction on the topic.
  • An additional fee is charged and must be paid before the registration of the tutorial can occur.
  • Assumes greatest amount of faculty supervision.
  • Tutorials are register as 379 in the departmental discipline of the instructor and a section association of "TU".