Incomplete Form Explained

Incomplete Grades

A grade of Incomplete (I) may be obtained by making a formal request to the professor of the course in question. The student and the professor must sign a written agreement that specifies the nature and the quantity of work to be completed and the projected date of completion. 

A grade of Incomplete is assigned for extenuating circumstances ONLY. It is not simply given to allow additional time to complete required course work or to improve a course grade. In addition, a professor may use a grade of Incomplete in cases of suspected academic dishonesty. 

All Incomplete grades received in the fall semester must be removed by April 1. Those received in the spring semester or summer session must be removed by October 1. Failure to do so results in a grade of F.

Incomplete Contract 

This form can be completed electronically, but, the student must print the form and collect required signatures.

Emergency Incomplete Submissions 

  • Students MUST contact the Center for Student Success (717-361-1415) or Registration and Records (717-361-1409) for assistance in the event of an emergency
  • Faculty members submitting incomplete grades due to a student emergency should contact the Center for Student Success.