Seniors and Rising Seniors in the Traditional College

Seniors and Rising Seniors (students with 72 or more earned credits) are prohibited from enrolling in Core courses via JayWeb until after all students have had an opportunity to register. Seniors and Rising Seniors who need to take a course that is a core offering to fulfill a major, minor or core requirement, should complete the Verification of Need to Enroll in Core Course Form (via JayWeb or pickup in the R&R Office) and return completed forms to Registration & Records BEFORE registration week opens An electronic version of the Verification of Need to Enroll in Core Course form can be found in JayWeb .

This policy exists to ensure that Core courses remain available to students who need a seat in a particular area of core in order to complete their graduation requirements.  We are not trying to prevent students from taking a course; instead, we are ensuring that students who have not been able to complete a particular area of core have the opportunity to do so.  If there are still open seats at the end of the initial registration period, students with 72 or more earned credits, will be able to add a core course as an elective on the final day of registration using JayWeb.

  • Forms are to be submitted BEFORE registration opens.
  • This form DOES NOT guarantee  a seat in the course.  Forms are processed on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • Approved students will be enrolled in the course, if space is still available. Students not approved are notified via the students account. All course reguests are verified against the student grad report for need and proper placement into math and language courses (as per policy).
  • This form should NOT to be used to register into a Core course for a post-graduate requirement. 
  • If a Core registration is a free-elective (i.e. not required for degree completion), students are permitted to register beginning at 12:00 p.m.(noon) on the final day of Registration Week. 

Q: How do I know if the course is a CORE offering?
A: All core offerings can be found on our website.

Q: Who is considered a Senior or Rising Senior?
A: Any student that has successfully COMPLETED 72 or more credits (not including those credits currently in-progress) prior to Registration.

Q: What is the Core Program Policy?
A: Seniors may enroll in Core Program courses to complete Core, Major, or Minor requirements as needed; however, seniors may not enroll in Core Program courses for elective purposes until all enrolled underclass students have had the opportunity to select courses.