Frequently Asked Questions for Winter Courses in the Traditional College

1. How much will it cost?    

Winter tuition fees are less than those charged during the regular academic year.  This makes a winter course with Elizabethtown College an excellent value.  For a complete list of tuition fees associated with winter enrollment, please refer to the Business Office - Annual Expenses page for more information.

2. When will the courses begin and how long do they last?

The 4-week intensive "Winter" term begins December 15th and ends January 11th. 

3. When is payment due?

Payment for winter courses will be due on the Friday prior to the start of classes. Thus, payment will be due on December 14th. You may call the Business Office (717.361.1417). The College does not accept payment by credit card over the phone. Students paying by an electronic check or credit card can pay online at Otherwise, students can mail a check to the Business Office at Elizabethtown College, One Alpha Drive, Elizabethtown, PA 17022.

4. Do I need to be a current Elizabethtown student to take an E-town Winter term course?

Yes. This year our Winter Term course offerings are limited to Elizabethtown College students. Visiting students are encouraged to visit our summer course page and register for a summer course.

5. What is the maximum number of credits I can register in Winter term?

Students can register for a MAXIMUM of 4 credits during Winter term (through a combination of courses or a single registration). Students cannot register for an OVERLOAD in the Winter Term.

6. How will the online courses be formatted and do I need any special computer hardware or software?

You don’t need any special hardware. The online courses will be offered using the Canvas platform that you may already know from other courses you have taken at Elizabethtown. Please check with Information and Technology Services to confirm that your computer is up to the challenge of an online course. If issues with technology arise during the course, you can contact our Help Desk for support. In terms of course format, you can expect to be dynamically engaged on multiple levels in this learning experience. Specific course expectations will vary and will be clearly stated on each course syllabus by your instructor. For example, you may be asked to participate in a live discussion or make regular posts to a discussion board.

7. What kind of Internet connection do I need?

While you may be able to get by with a dial-up connection, you should ideally have a high-speed internet connection for the online courses. Some courses will be using screen casts, videos, and other technology and interactions methods that work best with a high-speed connection.  

8. Am I eligible for financial aid in the winter?

Because of the very steep tuition discount for winter courses (40 percent!), the College does not offer additional institutional aid.

9. Do I need to purchase a textbook for the course?

This will vary with each course, just as it does during the regular academic year. Textbook requirements will be listed on the syllabus for each course. The textbook list can also be found on the Elizabethtown College Store website . You may purchase your textbooks from the Elizabethtown College Store. If you are not close to campus, please contact the Elizabethtown College Store at 717-361-1130 for alternative purchase methods that do not include a physical visit to campus.

13. How do I file a formal complaint about my Distance Learning Experience?

Elizabethtown College strives at all times to provide the highest quality of service and the best student experience possible. In the event that you have a serious complaint against the College, please review your options for filing a Distance Education Complaint.