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Elizabethtown Historic Walking Tour: Students Historic Property Reports


Boll's Brewhouse

C. E. Urban  Loyal Order of the Moose No. 596

C. E. Urban Elizabethtown High School

C. E. Urban Telephone Building

Captain Thomas Harris Sign of the Bear Tavern

Clinton Falkenstein Residence and Shop

Coble Residence

College Students Document Architectural History

Fisher's Corner

Friendship Fire Company

Gish-Miller Residence

Geise, Grubb, and Groff Businesses

Heisey Hall and Treichler Masonic Lodge

Hertzler Brothers Department Store

Horst Hall

Jamison Grimes Building

Keller, Garmen, and Lutz Businesses

Kreider Shoe Elizabethtown Garment Factory

Market Street Bridge

Olweiler-Needham Store

Phoenix Hotel

Poplar Street Bridge

Redsecker Residence

Wagner Martin Building

Walker Odd Fellows

Wealand-Miller Residence

West High Street Bridge


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Elizabethtown College Campus Property Reports

Elizabethtown College

History of Elizabethtown College

College Students Document Architectural History

Baugher Student Center 

Vera Hackman Apartments 

Myer Residence Hall

Schlosser Residence Hall