The Degree Planner

The Degree Planner is a static document that spells out course requirements, their credit values, and a space for the student to document the semester each course was taken and the earned grade as they advance through a particular program. Degree Planners for majors, minors, and cooperative programs are located in the Online College Catalog . Degree Planners replace departmental check sheets associated with all catalogs prior to Fall 2016. Degree Planners are available for all Catalog years.

The Grad Report is a 24/7 view of  all program (major, minor, Core, and Signature Learning) requirements listed in the Catalog for graduation based on the students enrollment year. The Grad Report is broken into two sections: the summary section and the detail section. The summary section lists all major, minor departmental programming requirements, the Core Program, Signature Learning Experiences, and overall credit minimums required for degree completion. The detail sections lists all course requirements within the programs listed in the summary section. Students are encouraged to discuss their Grad Reports during the academic advising period prior to Registration Week. Any discrepancies can be corrected using the Notification of Exception Petition .

Degree Planners

Degree Planners are located in the upper-right corner of each major and minor program in the Online Catalog . In the left navigation of the online catalog, a student should select one of the following navigational links:

  • Select the Departments and Programs left-navigation button for a list of all departmental programming for undergraduate and graduate programming, then select the program ( major, minor or masters ) of interest. In the upper-right corner of the program page is the link to the degree-planner.
  • Select the Joint Degree Programs left-navigation button for a list of all cooperative programs with other colleges and universities, then select the program of interest. In the upper-right corner of the program page is the link to the degree-planner.

The Core and SLE Planner

Undecided? Talk with your academic advisor or a member of the Center for Student Success to assist you in this process. Focusing on Core Program requirements or Signature Learning Experiences will provide a student with an opportunity to explore introductory courses within individual areas of interest.

For more information about The Core Program or Signature Learning options, please visit our Core and Signature Learning webpage.

Sample Degree Planner

Degree Planners replicate catalog copy with columns for tracking completion dates and earned grades in a particular program of study. Sample Planner