Prospective Students

The Registration and Records office provides leadership for the Campus Community in the interpretation of academic policies. We ensure that all academic policies and graduation requirements are applied consistently and fairly across all students. We practice professional standards while maintaining academic integrity, federal policy, and in the enforcement of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Transfer Credit Policies

Modern Language Placement and Incentive Program

Academic Departmental and Interdisciplinary Programs

  • All departmental and Interdisciplinary programs are outlined in our online Catalog.

Summer Course Registration Opportunities

  • Elizabethtown offers two summer session registration opportunities. Scheduling information and registration time lines are outlined on our Summer Sessions webpage.

Academic Calendars and Important Dates

Common Core and Real-World Learning

  • The Structure of the Core Program
  • Elizabethtown College is committed to engaging its students in real-world learning opportunities that complement classroom learning and provide pathways to productive careers and lives beyond college. All Elizabethtown College students will complete at least two Signature Learning Experiences (SLEs) as part of their graduation requirements.


Please send your questions about applying and transfer credit evaluations to the Office of Admissions ( . Admissions will work directly with Registration and Records to address any questions/concerns you may have with an academic policy or transfer credit.